Qualified Staff

All staff must meet both state and company hiring policies. All pass extensive background checks, have experience in the field, are provided with ongoing training (no less than 12 hours a year) and genuinely have a passion for this niche work.

Top Quality Homes

Each of our facilities are state licensed and up to code to serve adults with developmental disabilities. We have made it a goal to create a comfortable home setting that is unique to our clients. It’s always on our mind that this is the client’s home and they need to feel happy in it.

24hr Home Support

Supports are personalized for each client, no two are the same. An ISP team including staff, management, county Case Management, guardians, friends and the individual, meet to create a plan for each individuals’ future. We meet and communicate often to evaluate goals.


How did we get our start? What is our mission? What are our core values?


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Welcome to Brightside Living


We are a residential agency and that offers services to Oregonian adults with developmental disabilities.

Brightside Living, LLC is a certified residential agency providing 24 hour support to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, founded by our directors Bryn Shepherd and Claudia Reyes.

Our model is built on mentoring and advocating while providing 24 hour support. Clients are given the independence to grow and explore their wants and needs, while maintaining a healthy, safe and structured lifestyle. Brightside Living provides continuity of care for all residents by listening and learning from them to create a more fulfilling future for all residents.

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